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Craft Film Festival is almost here!  This two-day film festival is taking place at the Green Bench Brewing Co. in St. Petersburg, FL. All films screening at this festival were made in Florida or created by Florida filmmakers.  This event is completely FREE to the public.  Over 30 films are being screened in two unique theater environments.  The Warehouse Theater is our indoor theater and the Beer Garden Theater is on property in, yep...you guessed it, the Beer Garden.  We also have industry professionals speaking throughout the day in the production room all day Saturday.  Bring everyone you know and come watch movies with us!
<![CDATA[Craft Film Festival presented by Green Bench Brewing Co. & Pilot Moon Films]]>Mon, 21 Sep 2015 18:28:48 GMThttp://pilotmoonfilms.com/blog/craft-film-festival-presented-by-green-bench-brewing-co-pilot-moon-films
St. Petersburg, FL is now hosting another brand new film festival!  Pilot Moon Films has joined up with Green Bench Brewing Co. to start the Craft Film Festival!  Feature length, shorts, music videos, documentaries...it is going to have everything.  And it is FREE to anyone who wants to join us!  Yes, I said it.  FREE!!  

Come out November 20th & 21st and join us while we watch great films as we drink great beer.  Or you can watch us drink beer while we watch the films.  Or, if you want, I will watch you watch films while I drink your beer.  Films and Beer.  It is going to be great!
<![CDATA[InFest Film Festival 2015 - THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!!!]]>Mon, 21 Sep 2015 17:54:42 GMThttp://pilotmoonfilms.com/blog/infest-film-festival-2015-thank-you-all-for-comingPicture
Thank you all so much for coming out to InFest Film Festival 2015.  The Hideaway Cafe was packed full of friendly faces and wonderful people.  Film makers and film lovers all mingling together...it was beautiful.  A lot of effort was put in to creating an authentic, yet unique, film festival experience and, from the look/sounds of it, everyone had a great time.  

Thank you very much to all of our volunteers!!  Without you, non of this would have been possible!   Thank you! 

Thank you John & Nicole Kelly!!  You are incredible friends to us.  Thank you for all of your time and effort toward this festival.  The Hideaway was the perfect location to have this festival!  

A special thanks goes out to our dear friend Donna Green (www.photosbydg.com) who came out to take all of the red carpet                                                                            photos!!   Thank you Donna and Sons!  

Check out the link below to see all of the photos:


Let's do it again in 2016!

<![CDATA[InFest Film Festival - Official Movie Selections!]]>Thu, 10 Sep 2015 17:31:01 GMThttp://pilotmoonfilms.com/blog/infest-film-festival-official-movie-selectionsPicture
Movies selected to screen at InFest Film Festival 2015:
  1. "Peace Love Unity Retribution (Trailer)" - Directed by Marcus Kempton - Florida
  2. "Committed" - Directed by Brandon Anthony - Florida
  3. "Fool's Gold" - Directed by Alvaro Chavez - California
  4. "Johnny Be Bad" - Directed by Tony Armer - Florida
  5. "Already In Progress" - Directed by Deke Antrim - Florida
  6. "Wizenhiemer's" - Directed by Jason Spehar - Florida
  7. "Spaghetti" - Directed by Dave Hamar - Florida
  8. "Brock Stetson" - Directed by Kurt deVries - Florida
  9. "Choice Cuts" - Directed by Jeff Meyers & Keith Jeffries - Michigan
  10. "Stop" - Directed by The Green Brothers - New York
  11. "The Copter" - Directed by Ingrid & Mike Porter - Florida
  12. "Timber" - Directed by Nils Hedinger - Switzerland
  13. "Funktified" - Directed by Josh Martin & James Snyder
  14. "I Love You So Much" - Directed by Leah Shore - New York
  15. "Beard" - Directed by David Allison - Florida

<![CDATA[InFest Film Festival - St. Petersburg, FL]]>Tue, 01 Sep 2015 17:01:21 GMThttp://pilotmoonfilms.com/blog/infest-film-festival-st-petersburg-fl
PILOT MOON FILMS presents InFest Film Festival
We have started St. Petersburg's newest film festival for short films!  Pilot Moon Films, along with The Hideaway Cafe, are hosting the inaugural InFest Film Festival featuring local, national and international short films at The Hideaway Cafe (1756 Central Avenue,  St. Petersburg, FL  33712).  15 films have been officially selected to be shared in the intimate setting of John & Nicole Kelly's beautiful venue.  We have installed a 120" screen and a brand new movie projector that perfectly compliment the beautifully HUGE sound that John is able to generate for a very authentic movie going experience.  Doors open at 6PM and movies start at 7:30PM.  
<![CDATA[Rent the Ice Factory for your next shoot!!!]]>Mon, 27 Apr 2015 20:30:52 GMThttp://pilotmoonfilms.com/blog/rent-the-ice-factory-for-your-next-shoot
We are now offering our studio to other creatives who would like to shoot in this space.  It is rough.  It is raw.  It is incredible.  During the day, the huge windows let in the perfect amount of light.  At night, it is like there are no windows at all.    Take a look at the photos to see some of the interior rooms and a few photos of the grounds.  Thank you Kim Thiel for the beautiful photos!!  www.kimthielphotography.com  Call us if you would like to talk about booking availability.
<![CDATA[Ryan Montbleau at The Ice Factory]]>Mon, 20 Apr 2015 19:42:35 GMThttp://pilotmoonfilms.com/blog/ryan-montbleau-at-the-ice-factory
Ryan Montbleau was in town last month to play the Safety Harbor Song Fest in Safety Harbor, FL.  While he was here, we had the opportunity to film Ryan perform 5 songs in our studio.  Man, can this guy write some songs!  We worked swiftly between each song to set up our equipment in different configurations and locations to make sure each video had a unique look for each song.  After we got the look just right, we hit the record buttons, took a deep breath and witnessed amazingly intimate performances by a truly talented musician.  We can't wait to be able to share these performances with you.  Coming soon.
<![CDATA[SXSW & SHSF]]>Sun, 08 Mar 2015 14:25:59 GMThttp://pilotmoonfilms.com/blog/sxsw-shsf We have arrived Austin this weekend to shoot SXSW for the second year in a row. But when we return, we will be shooting an amazing local music festival in Safety Harbor at the Waterfront Park. 110 Veterans Memorial Lane.  March 28-29. This festival brings in  some great national talent. This is the second year for the festival, so if you missed last year, do yourself a favor and go check it out. 2 day passes are only $40. Music, all day, on the water, what else do you need. When the sun goes down, the musicians all head onto Main St. in Safety Harbor and take over the bars and restaurants. We found out last year that this is where a lot of the 'real' fun happens. Safety Harbor is such a great little hideaway stuck in the middle of this giant metropolis. Those nights with the intimate music performances and quaintness of Safety Harbor made lasting memories. We'd like to invite everyone we know to experience it with us this year. You will not regret it.  www.safetyharborsongfest.com
Here's a look at this years line-up.
<![CDATA[Live Music Series at The Ice Factory ]]>Tue, 24 Feb 2015 20:22:55 GMThttp://pilotmoonfilms.com/blog/live-music-series-at-the-ice-factory
Our little studio is coming along nicely!  The stage is built.  The curtains are in place.  And the room sounds AMAZING!!  We are very excited to start our Live Music Series.  Our new project is going to feature  live concerts with a live audience.   Having a live audience is one of the most important elements for what we are trying to capture with this video series.  These events are going to be one of the most intimate and unique experiences around.   Check back for updates on the musicians we are featuring and how you can become a  member of the audience. 
<![CDATA[1 Weekend, 2 Music Festivals, 3 Hours of Sleep]]>Wed, 09 Apr 2014 01:04:34 GMThttp://pilotmoonfilms.com/blog/1-weekend-2-music-festivals-3-hours-of-sleepThis past weekend we were busy, to say the least. We were fortunate to be part of 2 incredible music festivals. The Listening Room Festival hosted musicians all over the state with the final performance at the Palladium in downtown St. Pete. The Safety Harbor Singer Songwriter Festival was a 5 day event in Safety Harbor, FL. We met so many sweet and talented musician, staff members, volunteers, and even met some great interns that worked for us during the festivals. 
Fran Snyder, head of the Listening Room Festival put together an amazing event, capped off with 6 artists sharing the stage at the Palladium. We were there to capture this entire evening of great music. Mieka Pauley, Rebecca Loebe, and others brought the house down. Can't wait to get this project edited.
Todd and Kiaralinda from the SHSSF also brought together a fantastic group of singer/songwriters to their festival. The weather was beautiful and the music was even better.
Congrats to everyone involved in making both festivals a success. And, thank you for including us.
Be on the lookout for some live acoustic videos from both fests....Coming Soon!!!!!
Pictured below are (top) Meiko and (bottom) Mieka. No Relation.